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The Kingdom Group is your one-stop shop for kitchens and luxury bathrooms. At Kingdom Group, we offer a wide range of kitchen and bathroom remodeling and designs services; from straightforward door replacements to the design and installation of brand-new kitchens. Since every kg construction and remodeling kitchen is custom-made for each customer, you can pick your favorite style and let us figure out how to make it fit in your kitchen. Whether you prefer traditional country kitchens or modern monochromatic kitchens, we have various types and finishes to suit every preference. You can be confident that we will remodel and redesign an exquisite new bathroom or/and kitchen that melds perfectly into your house with our bespoke made to measure service.


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Make your dream kitchen a reality with our kitchen and bathroom renovation services. Are you a homeowner who’s looking to remodel their kitchen or bathroom? We can expertly assist you and offer valuable style and plan recommendations, or we can simply implement your current designs.

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At Kingdom Group, we have a team that is dedicated to fulfilling your housing dreams and will guide you through every stage of the remodeling and design process. Your onboarding will be handled efficiently by our customer support team, who will then pass the reins to our operations and site management staff, who will be available to help you with any type of technical query you might have.








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Award-Winning Remodeling and Design Services

Every time we design a kitchen or a bathroom, we translate and incorporate your vision with references to conventional symmetry and elegance. We design a bathroom and kitchen that is perfectly suited to the unique characteristics of your home.

Bathroom Remodeling

The Kingdom Group bathrooms promise to be both a practical room that one can wake up to after a restless night and get you ready for the day ahead, as well as serve as a tranquil haven where you may wash the day away in the evening. We are capable of expertly handling any part of the remodeling process involved in installing your new bathroom, including interior wall removal, plastering, electrics, plumbing, tiling, under-floor heating, and much more.
The distinct demands and preferences of each of our customers are reflected in the variety of our bathrooms. We have high-tech solutions for people seeking contemporary peace as well as more traditional retreats and everything in between. Our bathroom designing is always driven by a stylish yet practical aesthetic. The caliber of the construction for your new bathroom is one of the most crucial aspects of the entire procedure. We provide a full installation and project management service, ensuring effective communication among all members of installation and design team. We firmly think that we are visitors in your home, and we will treat it with the utmost care to ensure that every member of our installation team is cordial and respectful.

Kitchen Remodeling

At Kingdom Group, we are aware of the stress involved in starting a significant home project, such as installing a new kitchen. By assisting you with every step of your new kitchen installation process and providing a full-service design and installation solution under one roof, we hope to alleviate this tension. From the moment your kitchen design is conceived, we will collaborate closely with you. To make your kitchen design as relevant to you and your family’s lifestyle as possible, we take into account your needs and preferences while also offering creative suggestions.
All of our kitchens are constructed to the highest standards and combine functionality with aesthetically pleasing designs. We will walk you through every step of the visual and kinesthetic experience of how your kitchen will function for you and your space from beginning to end. There are countless possibilities and options for all budgets, whether it be integrated appliances using the most recent technological help for food preparation or unique features that make cooking more fun. We have extensive knowledge of the kitchen industry. This gives us the opportunity to contribute a wealth of expertise to your project, ensuring that your kitchen design is effective and practical.
There are many moving parts to remodeling a kitchen. Here are the types of services we offer for every kitchen remodeling project.

  • Kitchen design and planning with a free consultation
  • In-home measurements
  • Project management
  • Demo and preparations
  • Inspiration gallery of previous work
  • Custom cabinets
  • Custom countertops
  • Cabinet installation
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Warranty

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